Upcoming Retreats

With a range of yoga retreats taught by skilled teachers from Australia and around the world,
there are retreats to suit everyone, from seasoned yogis to those whose path has just begun.

26th June – 2nd July 2021

Coming home to stillness – 7 Day meditation retreat

Coming Home to Stillness was developed to bridge the gap between the harshness of traditional meditation retreats and the modern practitioner. From the fundamentals into its depths, the retreat will be systematically unravelling the mysteries and obstacles the mindfulness practitioner faces through a blend of science, humour, story and analogy to meet and placate the modern mind. Each day can be seen as experiment of self and mind with each key meditative concept given an abundance of opportunity to be experienced and embodied.

4th – 10th July 2021

Escape the Winter meditation & yoga retreat

A full week of mindful rest and relaxation, delicious vegetarian food, gentle movement practices and meditation. The retreat provides you with a chance to get away for a week and to relax, recharge and reflect.

11th – 17th July 2021

Relax and Recharge with Flo Fenton

Senior Yoga Master Flo Fenton returns after a 12 year hiatus to Sanctuary Retreat!

Flo has been teaching for nearly 25 years, and is a teacher trainer and yoga therapist. She focuses on making each yoga practice safe and sustainable for all students-though the sessions are powerful and transformative. Don’t miss out!


17th – 22nd July 2021

holistic yoga – Tropical rainforest retreat – relax, renew & inspire

A winter yoga retreat embracing the unique fusion of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology and personal development to increase your happiness, resilience and overall well-being. Discover the fusion of body, mind and energy

23rd – 26th July 2021

yoga with jane

Be nourished through calm and rejuvenating yoga practices, deep relaxation, mantra chanting and meditation and some art activities. Enjoy time for reflection stimulated through the discussion of some of the core philosophies of yoga. Connect with yourself and others in this peaceful environment.

28th July – 1st August 2021

restore and explore with varsha yoga

Join Varsha Yoga for the perfect balance of yoga, relaxation, exploration, food, rainforest and beach!

1st 7th August 2021

nature and yoga

Our week together will be spent practicing Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation and short talks on Wellness. When we weave these beautiful practices into our day, we are welcomed into the healing space within. To live amongst this ancient forest full of rare plants and animals for a week can only be deep medicine for the mind, body and soul. Add to this the healing nature of gentle yoga and deep relaxation and rest and it makes for the perfect alchemy for wellness, renewal and connection to you.

7th – 13th August 2021


This 7 day retreat is the perfect winter escape. You’ll feel warm and cosy inside and out with daily Yoga, meditation, fantastic food, fresh air and the friendly faces of like-hearted others on retreat with you.

14th – 20th August 2021

asha yoga – refresh – refocus – revive

Through daily yoga, meditation, local sourced vegetarian cuisine and being re-energised in a tropical rainforest, you will feel relaxed, renewed and fully alive! You will feel nourished from the inside out having created a deeper awareness and knowledge of your innermost being, and experiencing meaningful connections with your new found friends and the nature around you. Grounded. Refreshed. Connected.

20th – 22nd August 2021

weekend qigong and yin yoga retreat

A blissful weekend of dynamic Qigong & nourishing Yin Yoga with Wendy & Sue.
Start the morning waking up amongst the beautiful rainforest, a short stroll down to the beach to experience the ancient healing practice of Qigong, and finish the day with restorative Yin Yoga & Meditation.

22nd – 28th August 2021

Yogahara Retreat with Gina Macauley

“This retreat will be an opportunity to relax and restore in paradise. The week will be a lovely balance of yoga, rainforest walking, beach going, massaging and exploring.

28th August – 2nd September 2021

Spring Retreat in tropical north queensland

 Join Pine Rivers Yoga for 5 days of yoga and explore your horizons. Travel to the beauty of Mission Beach and enjoy a range of yoga experiences in the Rainforest setting of the Sanctuary Retreat Centre. Yoga for all levels offered as morning and evening sessions, allowing plenty of time to explore, rest and recuperate. Meet the Cassowary who lives at the centre, exceptional bird life and enjoy the rainforest walk from Sanctuary down to the beach

4th – 9th September 2021

yoga and alexander technique

 This retreat offers a week of deepening your yoga practice with Alexander Technique principles embedded in classes to improve your skill and the safety of your practice. Set in the beautiful surrounds of the rainforest, Caroline Blackshaw, Yoga and Alexander teacher and Jenny Thirtle, Alexander Teacher and Teacher Trainer will be taking you on a journey of enquiry, learning and broadening of your practice

9th – 12th September 2021


An opportunity to center, restore and reflect on your health, wellness, body, and spirit.
We will use the tools of yoga, meditation, pranayama to settle and open the mind and body for compassionate self-inquiry. This is a chance to be completely present to your whole self.

12th – 18th September 2021

Williamstown yoga with fiona hyde

Fully Booked

18th – 23rd September 2021

mission beach north qld spring retreat

What perfect way to emerge from the darkness of Winter, into the light of Spring where the Earth is starting to break into new growth, colour, expansive energy and new beginnings with this spring yoga retreat in lush surroundings with twice daily yoga practice and wholesome vegetarian food

24th- 27th September 2021

Gentle Yoga, reiki Meditaion retreat With Julie Heskins, rainforest Reiki

This deeply healing retreat offers the opportunity to connect to self through yoga, chanting, moving and seated meditation.
Between sessions there will be time also to relax and enjoy the magnificent surroundings and nature Sanctuary has to offer.


23rd – 27th September 2021

yoga with jane

Be nourished through calm and rejuvenating yoga practices, deep relaxation, mantra chanting and meditation and some art activities. Enjoy time for reflection stimulated through the discussion of some of the core philosophies of yoga. Connect with yourself and others in this peaceful environment.

27th September – 3rd October 2021

Ascension Yoga

This retreat is designed to help you deepen your yoga practice and bring self discovery. 14 sessions of yoga over 5 days, including pranayama, asana and philosophy will be covered along with some homework on philosophy to contemplate between sessions. Designed to help you reconnect with yourself and nature, let yourself be nurtured and reset in the beautiful environment of Sanctuary Retreat.

4th – 10th October 2021

Live and breath yoga

The combination of asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, introspection, silence, and nature provide the perfect opportunity to retreat deeply into the delights of the forest and restore and revitalise yourself on all levels, while deepening your practice and your connection to the heart of yoga.

10th 18th October 2021

embody your wholeness retreat

This program is designed to transform you in the moment, and also gift you tools and resources for your own ongoing daily awareness and movement practices even long after our retreat journey has completed.
Please note: This Retreat is designed for those already with a heightened level of self awareness. We suggest that those brand new to yoga and inner work may begin elsewhere first.

10th – 17th October 2021

awakening shakti

This 7 day yoga retreat promises to be joyful and challenging, with early morning starts to salute the sun while it rises from the ocean, various types of asana practices, moving meditation, cleansing breath work, delicious food, and plenty of time to enjoy the amazing rainforest, beach, to swim and relax.

17th – 24th October 2021

Finding your balance

In this 7 day “Finding Your Balance” yoga retreat you will be exploring and balancing out your masculine and feminine energies. We all posses and use both, regardless of gender.  In constantly undervaluing and disrespecting an innate part of ourselves, we struggle to recognise the whole perfect being that we are. Learning to respect feminine traits along with masculine, first in ourselves and then in others, will do a lot for not only our mental and physical health, but also society at large.

24th – 31st October 2021

Iyengar Yoga Retreat with Dorothy de Guara

31st October – 5th November 2021

Kundalini Tantra Retreat & Teacher Training

Learn KIETY, an incredible self healing modality curated by Ella Shannon- a deep dive into Tantric and Kundalini Yoga with a modern twist. KIETY is a culmination of powerful practices from Classical Tantric Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, modern therapeutic self enquiry, emotional freedom technique, somatic experiencing and Kundalini Awakening

18th – 23rd November 2021

into the wild with bec and monika

Nourish, embody and transform while being immersed in a week of yoga and nature. Through daily yoga, a few cheeky Pilates classes and guest workshops, you will have the space to embrace your inner playfulness and creativity, rediscover your intuition and end the year feeling free, connected and whole. There will be all the yoga, self-reflection, nourishing food, jungle walks, ocean dips, pool hangs, and the magic that only happens on a retreat.

25th – 29th November 2021

hartig yoga – Revive – Restore – Reignite

This Yoga Retreat is designed to be deeply nourishing on all levels.
We will create a space for you to completely re-boot your system. To escape society and your daily stresses and reconnect with nature. Our intention is to help you feel revived and restored and the reignite a spark within your soul.


50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Rainforest Retreat

Learn the art of teaching and developing your own practice of Yin Yoga in this expansive, transformative, immersive and all inclusive 50hr Yin Yoga teacher training course held in the magical rainforest at Mission Beach.

2th – 14th May 2022

yoga therapies

26th June to 2nd July 2022

Meeting the heart yoga retreat

The process of Yoga is a way to embark on a pilgrimage to the heart, the source of wisdom and light. This retreat allows us to take time out of our busy lives to create space and time to connect with ourselves and others. You will have the opportunity for deep self-inquiry enabling space for positive changes that you can take home.



This retreats will be an opportunity to center, restore and reflect on your health, wellness, body, and spirit.
We will use the tools of yoga, meditation, pranayama to settle and open the mind and body for compassionate self-inquiry. This is a chance to be completely present to your whole self.


Yoga retreat

Retreat from the daily hustle and gift yourself this pause to be present, breathe and practice yoga with clarity.
Five days and four nights to relax and rejuvenate, nurtured by luscious surrounds, nutritious food and positive vibes. Leave behind everything that is holding you back and create space for new intentions to manifest as we explore an autumnal theme of letting go. Here you will find that much needed time to process the past, integrate with the present. Resolve, reset and bring vision into your life.

11th – 17th June 2022

Karma being


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